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A movie-Documentary directed by Amy Berg will be released soon that portrays one of the thousands of Catholic Priests who have used their authority to abuse children and destroy their innocence, their dreams and their life…
We wish to relay here what Amy Berg says on the website associated to his
movie… so moving…

Yes, to abuse children is a sign of a sick mind… and to prevent adult people to live their sexual life leads to these sick minds who relieve their frustration on innocent victims.

Our deep thanks to Amy Berg for raising awareness and saving children for being abused tomorrow… hopefully!!

The movie's website:

Amy Berg’s blog:

“Just a year and a half ago, after spending over four years on the same story for CNN and CBS before that, a pedophile priest named Oliver O'Grady decided he would participate in the film I wanted to make. It became Deliver Us From Evil -- the story from inside the sickest mind possible, the secrets that were meant to stay in the private files and crypts of the Roman Catholic Church, and the blind trust in those they perceived as God's messengers that left families with no faith and children with no innocence. After filming for a week and a half, the then defrocked priest mentioned he might need to move to Canada after this film comes public. Seeing the pain, corruption and missed opportunities to provide ministry to those in need was truly a tragic story to watch and the loss was more devastating than I ever imagined. It was so difficult to be so close to such a horror story that in the priest's words "never should have happened."

The experience behind making documentaries can be as difficult as what winds up on screen. The past two years have been brutal--to say the least.

Spending weeks and countless hours on the phone with a man who is disturbingly ill (albeit free to meander the public streets of Dublin), and entrenching my heart into the destroyed lives of people who trusted people who took advantage of their vulnerability.

This takes a toll after a while and it was difficult to have a life outside of this story. It gave me perspective (only slight however) on how much the people affected by this crisis have had to wade through to TRY to have a "normal" life. From this vantage point, it seems like an impossible act.

Coming out of the production of this film, just two months ago, I have begun to show the film to the public.. At the end of June was our world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival in Westwood. The response was more than I could have imagined. Three standing ovations our first night, won the top Documentary Award, and the icing on the a distribution deal with Lionsgate.

Now the film is set to come out in theatres in a month (OCTOBER 13) and I am off to Toronto to play at one of the largest and most reputable festivals in the world. The first screening is this Thursday, I leave tomorrow.